Western Sydney Parklands

Internetrix is a long-standing digital supplier to the Western Sydney Parklands Trust an NSW Government agency responsible to the NSW Government's Minister for the Environment.

This digital platform upgrade project was commissioned to upgrade the Western Sydney Parkland website aesthetic, ecosystem sitemap and ensure big screen, desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone compliance.

It was a highly complex project as the Shelter Booking system for the Lizard Log, Plough & Harrow East and Plough & Harrow West shelters is a sophisticated interface with extensive pricing and dates options that need to be supported in small screens.

The Internetrix and Western Sydney Parklands project team worked closely together as the ecosystem sitemap, information architecture, development specification and creative upgrade processes were delivered. Once signed off Internetrix took responsibility for the technical implementation of the new HTML5 and CSS3 code base required for responsive compliance and implemented into the existing SilverStripe Content Management System deployment.

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