Vandemon Performance

Vandemon Performance

Who are Vandemon?

Vandemon are a privately owned Wollongong-based business who specialise in manufacturing exotic exhaust systems and parts for selected motorcycles, cars and trucks. The demand for Vandemon's products has been growing in recent years as their unique range has been attracting new buyers from all over the country. Internetrix previously worked with Vandemon in 2017, helping to shift their business online through the setup of a customised eBay store. Internetrix also integrated a listing-management platform, InkFrog, so that Vandemon could easily update and keep track of their sales and inventory online.

Why did they re-engage Internetrix?

Only one year later, Vandemon started to find that the customisation options available through an eBay store were not sufficient to cope with the digital growth of their business.

Vandemon wanted to be able to have more control over what was listed, how listings were categorised, and how this was all presented. Vandemon approached Internetrix to see how they could address these concerns and build a stronger online presence. They did not want to discontinue the eBay account, but they needed another option with more customisation and integration options.

What did Internetrix do?

Internetrix addressed the primary concerns projected by Vandemon and pitched the idea of a new website store to complement and add value to the current eBay store. A new website platform would also allow Vandemon to focus on presenting their company branding assets that were previously limited by the eBay store. After being given the go-ahead, we created a Shopify platform that would allow the company more customisation options for their online store design and more flexibility with their integration options. The use of Shopify meant that their new domain could also be linked with the eBay and inkFrog store platforms so that inventory and listings could be successfully monitored and cross-referenced across platforms to avoid duplicate sales and inventory problems.

vandemon performance website mock up

In the design of Vandemon’s new Shopify platform, Internetrix integrated two 3rd party plugins in order to make Vandemon's ordering and delivery processes online operate with more fluidity. These were:

  • Intuitive shipping - an integrated application for Shopify that automatically calculates courier rates as well as customised flat rates.
  • E-commerce payment system - that allowed a secure monetary transfer system for all customer purchases.

Next, Internetrix migrated all product listings from the eBay store and synchronised the inventory sytems across eBay, inFrog and Shopify to ensure that inventory sales were not duplicated across Vandemon's different sales platforms.

The final steps consisted of working with Vandemon to finalise the domain name redirection and then push the site live.


Vandemon now have a fully integrated Shopify website that offers them a greater ability to manage and customise their product listings.

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