University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide (UOA) is South Australia’s leading university that was established in 1874. UOA is ranked amongst the best 1% of universities in the world.
With questions around their tag configuration, UOA sought to understand what was ruining their data integrity. With a GTM audit and revised tagging approach, the UOA team saw a renewed value in their analytics insights.


Australia is home to a plethora of top-tier universities, meaning future Australian students are spoilt for choice. As the market environment grows more competitive, the power of Digital Analytics becomes more and more valuable to Universities.

Internetrix were first engaged by the University of Adelaide in 2015 to audit and improve how their current Google Analytics solution was implemented across their website, allowing UOA to better monitor, track, and optimise their web performance going forward.

Following this successful project, Internetrix was approached again in 2017 when UOA were beginning a new website design and development project. Update of their current web platform meant their Google Analytics (GA) would have to be reimplemented across the website.


  • Correct implementation of GTM tracking code across new UOA website
  • Testing and fixing of any tracking or storage bugs
  • Post-implementation support and training


Internetrix firstly had to onboard the new web platform so that a detailed Implementation & Measurement Plan could be devised. This plan would outline the best way to structure the GA account and implement tracking via Google Tag Manager.

Once planning was finalised, tracking was implemented into the new web platform and then tested for bugs. Implementation was followed by a thorough on-site training program that gave the UOA team an updated understanding of the new account structure, tracking setup, as well as a refreshed knowledge of how to best leverage insights from the platform to allow for data-driven business decisions.

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