Opal Day Pass online ordering system.

Transport for NSW in collaboration with The Flagstaff Group sought Internetrix for design and delivery of the Opal Day Pass Online Ordering System in 2018. The system was built to provide TfNSW user groups an online market to pre-order bulk Opal Day Pass cards with the intent to reduce queues at point-of-sale facilities across the state that were due to group card purchases.


Transport for NSW successfully rolled out Opal ticketing in NSW however the removal of the MST Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET) and other paper vouchers presented a number of issues for Customers as they could no longer bulk-purchase cards or vouchers for travel.  Consequently, these customers were required to purchase either Single Trip Tickets (STTs) or Opal Cards for their clients, and this has resulted in a number of issues including:

  • An unexpected increase in travel costs 
  • Increased wait times at Top-Up Ticket Machines when school/tour groups need to travel
  • Increased operational costs associated with production costs for Adult and Child/Youth Opal Cards being used for a single trip i.e. travel from one location to another location on the Opal network
  • Problems for schools that are unable to use purchase cards or a corporate credit card

Though the BuyAbility scheme The Flagstaff Group were the chosen vendor to store and distribute the card stock and Internetrix the chosen technology provider for the online ordering service. 


The system had to have the ability to obtain multiple cards easily for approved customer groups.  The solution needed to manage the approval process and solve pricing issues. The cards need to have preloaded values that are paid for via credit cards online with unique IDs to handle faults and refunds.


The ordering system was delivered as a cloud solution on SilverStripe Framework which integrated seamlessly with the Flagstaff ordering and inventory system, and suitable credit card payment gateways. The main workflows Internetrix had to design for were an account approval workflow, purchasing workflow and complaints & enquiry management workflow. All workflows were made accessible to WCAG AA standard and user-tested by the Internetrix Design team.

The technical challenge presented was that the cards needed to be sold to approved buyers only at the agreed bulk pricing rates. The project was a collaboration with The Flagstaff Group who manage the stock and fulfilment of the orders. It was Internetrix’s job to build the ordering system and ensure that the ID’s of individual cards could be tracked and traced to the individual orders.

A key requirement is that faulty cards must be tracked to a single order within the bulk card orders and replaced. A noteworthy feature of the project was the CIN ID scanner integration to aid the order fulfilment process and reduce the risk of human error when updating order statuses.

The key outcome of this project was the timely delivery of a custom cloud service that manages the purchasing process end-to-end between multiple parties. The platform also allows for comprehensive reporting, providing full transparency across the ordering system for key stakeholders.