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The Flagstaff group is an Illawarra based Not For Profit (NFP), operating a number of commercial enterprises that run as unique business units. Each unit, seeks to create meaningful employment opportunities to those who might experience barriers due to disability. In a mission to help breakdown the barriers faced, Flagstaff reinvests its profits back into providing entry level positions into the workforce to those with a disability.

These positions fall within a number of industries and services including Print & Mail, Hospitality, Rural Fencing, Recycling Services, Packaging, Laundry, Industrial Products, Food Products, Document Scanning and more. Supported by the community, The Flagstaff group is an employment enterprise that is not only a competitive business, but is highly supported by the community due to the many social benefits that they bring to their staff and the community.

In order to broaden their reach and expand their products and services to a wider audience, The Flagstaff group required an experienced digital agency to build an all new marketing website, along with a flexible eCommerce shop. The Flagstaff group needed to digitise their ordering processes in order to make it easier for their customers to bulk buy their food, hospitality and off the shelf products.

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The Outcome

Internetrix built the website platform in SilverStripe CMS allowing them to securely collect payments and automate their ordering process with their backend inventory system, SysPro.

With input from the Flagstaff team, Internetrix designed over sixteen unique, mobile responsive page types. Keeping The Flagstaff Group’s mission in mind, each page type was developed to be WCAG 2.0 compliant, ensuring that each page on the website was accessibile to those with disabilities without the compromise of brand consistency.

The website was developed with a number of new functionalities integrated, including an advanced product filter to ensure that the users of the Flagstaff Group website are able to search for the products that are most relevant to them. The postcode checker allows for a user to calculate postage costs and whether they’ve ordered the minimum requirement for delivery based on the user's location.

Internetrix maintain the Flagstaff website under a SLA agreement and there are many new initiatives in the pipeline for Internetrix and Flagstaff for the future.

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