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Internetrix was engaged with the TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute to help audit the ICT infrastructure and provided advice and recommendations in a report to the Institute Director to support funding applications to the NSW Government Department of Education and Community. Internetrix provision of services in this project included:

Discovery: Internetrix received a briefing by various members of the Institute’s Board of Management of and the current situation at a strategic and operational level. We were then handed copies of already completed ICT planning and Institute strategic documents for desktop review.
Desktop Review: Complete a review of existing material to get up to speed on the work completed to date.

TAFE Staff Engagement: Internetrix engaged with relevant TAFE stakeholders from Teaching, Administration, Student Services, ITS and Innovation departments to collect a snapshot of the current situation and to generate ideas for future ICT opportunities that the Institute can deliver.

Industry Trends Review: This component provided the opportunity for Internetrix analysts to review other education providers in Australia and around the world as identified by the TAFE project team. An audit of other similar organisations capabilities provided the opportunity to evaluate other techniques being used and allowed Internetrix to create a benchmark at TAFE.

Final report: This component collated the outcomes of the previous components and identified the ICT infrastructure priorities needed for TAFE to educate effectively in a high bandwidth digital environment. The report delivered a priority pyramid and rationale for why certain actions should occur before others.

Ultimately the recommendations and deliverables from this contract enabled TAFE to understand its choices and enable the appropriate Capital Expenditure funding applications to be completed.

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