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The name Sturman represents the highest quality in sound, vision and entertainment. When Sturmans began, personal audio was the Walkman, the CD had just appeared, vinyl was still spinning a disco beat, speakers dominated the living room and digital was only just a dream. One thing hasn't changed, the Sturmans passion for technology.

Internetrix were thrilled at the opportunity to work with such an admired local business, to create a fresh new brand mark and develop a new responsive website that better reflects the expertise, attention to detail and service one has come to expect from Sturmans.

Working directly with Michael Sturman Internetrix created a new brand mark that incorporated a core design element and a sophisticated finish that matches the passion Sturmans have for high quality sound, vision and entertainment.

In addition to the rebrand, Internetrix designed and delivered a sharp and easy to navigate website, capable of showcasing Sturmans extensive range of audiovisual products and services for education and commercial sectors.

We look forward to working with Sturmans to continue delivering passion for technology and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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