Streamwise Learning

Streamwise Learning were referred to Internetrix and approached us in mid-2018 with the desire to build a fresh, responsive and modern website. Streamwise wanted to correctly convey the company’s focus on flourishing the leaders of the future through strategic and engaging training programs.

Project Brief

The initial brief for Internetrix included not only the design and development of a new website, but also involvement in a major company rebrand. Internetrix were asked to deliver banding guidelines, along with a range of branding collateral across print and digital media.

Streamwise Learning’s primary objective was to create and deliver a platform and brand that aggregated three primary bodies under the Streamwise Learning brand that previously sat divided. These are notably Institute of Food and Grocery Management, Banking and Finance, and Defence and Industry.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge facing Internetrix and Streamwise Learning is the increasing competitiveness of the online educational market, with the accessibility and variation of online educational solutions having exploded over the last decade. A high level of competition meant that Internetrix faced the challenge of delivering a unique branding experience that distinctly differentiated Streamwise Learning and clearly communicated the key values, goals and desires of the brand. Furthermore, Internetrix had to strategically create a set of overarching branding collateral that was attractive and meaningful to three distinctly different industry types.

Our Solution

Internetrix began the project through some initial research to understand the primary audience types and personas Streamwise Learning would be targeting across their target industries. This included defining brand personalities and competitive brand comparisons. After establishing a thorough scope of the desired audiences and market, Internetrix began the development of Streamwise Learning’s new brand vision, with a heavy focus on the brand messaging, imagery and differentiating principles. After some minor revisions, Internetrix’s design and development teams worked closely with Streamwise to begin the website creation phases of planning, implementation, testing and Go Live!

Showcase responsive mockup

Successful Result

Internetrix’s collaboration with Streamwise Learning resulted in a fresh and unique brand concept, logos, and imagery that culminated perfectly into a new and attractive website that now conveys each of the sub-brands in a meaningful way. The newly developed website gives Streamwise the ability to better access their online target markets, whilst delivering all course information in a succinct and accessible format.

What Streamwise Had to Say

"Working with Internetrix was great. Their processes are thorough and ensured they had a high level understanding of our requirements from the start. The team is very talented and came up with some great ideas and adapted well to our feedback during the design and development phases. We’re very happy with how the project has turned out!"

- Ben Attfield, Sales and Marketing Manager

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