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Strathfield Municipal Council is a long standing Internetrix customer of over 10 years. Council's desire for an upgraded website in 2015 was three fold:

1) All NSW local government boundaries areas are currently under NSW government review, as such Strathfield wanted to ensure that their website was refreshed to accurately convey the strength of the Strathfield community and the important place Council holds to its constituents.

2) Council wanted a new look and feel that worked more effectively with smartphones and tablets

3) Council wanted to take advantage of SilverStripe version 3.1 as they were using the sunsetted SilverStripe version 2.4.

The Internetrix and Strathfield Municipal Council project team worked closely for 3 months to review and update Council's ecosystem sitemap, information architecture, creative design and SilverStripe functionality. During the go live process years worth of Council business papers was migrated into the new platform to ensure continuity of resources and information available for the community. Council staff were given training on the new SilverStripe and after Council officially reviewed and approved go live the A records were changed and the new website was live.

Feedback since go live has been overwhelmingly positive. Council's new website is easier to navigate, looks and works better on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and big screens. Each webpage and pdf is quicker to download and Council staff are having an easier time using SilverStripe 3.1. All in all a great outcome for Strathfield Municipal Council.

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