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Southern Youth Family Services (SYFS) supports and cares for vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless young people and also supports their families. This work across over 20 sites in NSW provides supported accommodation, community social housing, counselling, mediation, support and the delivery of a range of programs to improve the life situation of young people and their families.

Previously, SYFS has engaged Internetrix to review their website design, retain its features, and to completely revamp the desktop design to make it responsive. We switched the Content Management System (CMS) over to SilverStripe, then made the website adaptable for smartphones, tablets, and desktop so that it works seamlessly across a wide variety of devices. The result was an updated website created on budget, to specification, and in record time.

Internetrix Digital Consulting helps business in a wide range of sectors demystify communications and technology challenges with advice, ideas, technology implementation and project management services. Southern Youth and Family Services, are also an ICT customer of Internetrix. Internetrix Digital Consulting met complex communications and technology challenges with a massive 52% return on investment for SYFS.

During 2015 and 2016, SYFS engaged Internetrix managing director, Daniel Rowan, an expert in the field of digital technology and communications, to crack multiple challenges with their ICT.

To function effectively as a support and care organisation requires excellent communications, especially for SYFS whose infrastructure extends over more than 20 sites.

Difficulties SYFS were experiencing included:

  • departure of key knowledgeable resources – lack of insight into complex ICT structure
  • poor or non-existent Internet or wifi connectivity – critical to have access for staff and at risk or vulnerable clients
  • outdated technology – difficulty with or absence of updated software or defective equipment
  • inability to use videoconferencing equipment due to low or no signal – expensive equipment not available for use so not getting value for money;
  • confusing and complex telecommunications invoicing straining the budget – lack of insight leading to substantial over expenditure
  • lack of confidence in technical horizons of SYFS and potential impact of new technology to reach deep into strategic intent
  • looking for cost savings, but needed guidance to know where to start

Internetrix took a full spectrum approach to audit the current communications and technology state at SYFS; then implemented and project managed over $134,000 of savings which primed a 52% return on investment.

Taking on the role as overall monitor of ICT infrastructure, Internetrix made a substantial difference within six months by, for example:

  • Cutting out obvious waste - $45,000 savings made by switching sites to NBN
  • Achieving over $25,000 savings from the monthly Telstra bill over 2016/17 financial year compared to last
  • Ensuring appropriate budget for use of over 200 IT devices – saving over $12,000 in mobile fleet for 2016 financial year compared to previous one

For SYFS staff, it is important to be on call and readily available and accessible to vulnerable and at risk young people and their families. Achieving cost savings of this magnitude has a flow through to the entire business because it frees resources, makes the dollar go further and broadens the organisation’s reach so that:

Staff are freed to use more time more productively with less stress doing what is important rather than caught in technology bottlenecks;

  • Staff, young people, and their families have confidence in access to communications to respond and be contacted
  • Management appreciates ICT is a boon not a burden, playing an important role in the organisation’s strategy to communicate with stakeholders, employees, young people and their families.

SYFS are delighted with the success of the initial consulting project and have re-engaged Internetrix for multiple digital assignments on an ongoing basis.

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