Who are Simul8?

Simul8 is an Illawarra-based company specialising in the production, maintenance and distribution of aviation simulator machines across Australia and New Zealand. Simul8's product is relied upon by those in the aviation industry as they are extremely important for ensuring pilots are sufficiently trained in realistic experiences before they enter an actual cockpit. Before reaching out to Internetrix, Simul8 had no branding guidelines or collateral that they could use in their marketing efforts. Internetrix worked hand-in-hand with Simul8 to design and develop a fresh logo that correctly conveyed the company’s brand.

The brief?

Before approaching Internetrix, Simul8 was experiencing success in the aviation industry but identified that their business could be taken to the next level if the correct branding techniques were applied to effectively communicate who the company was and the expertise that they offered.

The challenges?

When Simul8 first approached Internetrix they had no previous branding concepts or designs so Internetrix created and designed a new logo and set of branding concepts that effectively communicated what Simul8 envisioned. Internetrix was also challenged with the fact that Simul8 operated within and was trying to engage a very niche market. Internetrix had to create a logo and branding concept that was appropriate in specifically communicating with the aviation industry audience.

Our process:

As Simul8 had no previous branding concepts, branding needed to be created from scratch. To begin the process, Internetrix engaged in a discovery phase to understand it’s niche market and how best the company could communicate with their target audience. The findings of the research inspired the second phase - the creation of a mood board displaying multiple variations of colour and tone concepts in one document. From this, Simul8 selected which concepts they found most appealing and communicative of the company. Internetrix then work-shopped with Simul8 to deliver 3 logo design concepts with each logo including an icon and logotype. Two of the logo concepts included the shape and figure of an aviation simulator. The key was to incorporate this into the design in a way that communicated professionalism and expertise. Simul8 selected one of the designs they thought best represented their company vision, and after some minor refinements, different versions of the logo were created so that it could be easily be integrated into all company collateral. For example, as part of the project Internetrix designed new business cards and implemented the newly created logo design into the company email signature so that they could start to communicating their new branding across all platforms.

The outcome:

After some minor refinements Simul8 received a set of branding assets that would help keep ongoing business and marketing communications consistent and effective in communicating the company's offerings to their target market within the aviation industry.
simul8 business card mockup