Signature Oysters are a leading Australian oyster distributor that deliver fresh and diverse Australian-farmed oysters all around Australia, and occasionally overseas. Signature Oysters’ brand development and reputation have been built upon their high-quality Australian oysters and dedicated focus on supporting Australian farmers. To expand their current marketing output and customer focus, Signature Oysters wanted to design some fresh branding and packaging material that would communicate effectively with their target audiences.

What was the project brief?

In late 2017, Internetrix were engaged by Signature Oysters to complete a 5-part project involving the design of fresh branding assets and packaging collateral. The project brief included the following 5 key components:

  1. Revamped Logo- Signature Oysters logo was in need of a fresh approach that both reflected the company quality and history.
  2. Chef’s Kit - One of Signature Oysters target customer groups are chefs that operate across a range of bars, restaurants, hotels, event and catering companies. The Chef’s Kit collateral idea aimed to offer a personalised packaging approach with included a branded instructional sheet for unpacking, storing and cooking recommendations.
  3. Farmer’s Cards - The Farmer’s Cards aim to communicate Signature Oyster’s focus on the wanted to include a branded card within each packaging box detailing the oyster's origin, farm type, and farmer profile. The addition of a Farmer’s Card into each and every oyster box delivered make's each delivery more personal and authentic for the customer.
  4. Farmer’s Kits - Similar to the Chef’s Kits, the Farmer’s Kits aim to communicate with the farmers inside of the Signature Oyster produce network. The Farmer’s Kit includes the detailed Signature Oyster branding and the inclusion of specific oyster sizing, packaging and handling requirements. This allows Signature Oysters to communicate their product standards to their farmer network and maintain their high quality promise to their customers.
  5. How To Open / Shucking an Oyster Kit - Internetrix designed a branded instructional pamphlet with specific shucking techniques that would allow for the maintenance of each oyster’s appearance and quality by the customer. The Shucking an Oyster Kit featured unique illustrated drawings and were to be included in each box delivered in partnership with the Chef’s Packaging Kit.

Challenges Faced

Delivery of a multi-faceted branding and marketing collateral project requires the careful consideration of Signature Oysters diverse target audience groups. Internetrix had to strike a balance in messaging between the audience groups of farmers, chefs and other consumers. Each audience type considered by Internetrix presented a different need and way of communicating which needed consideration. Another challenge Internetrix faced was that all previous marketing collateral lacked any iconography and descriptive imagery and oyster shucking and plating iconography was notably lacking within the illustrative market due to the niche industry type.

Successful Solution

Internetrix’s design process began with research regarding textures, fonts and styles that would correctly communicate the Signature Oyster brand of authenticity and quality. Following this was research into image layouts and shell textures that could combine to deliver inspiring and engaging branded marketing collateral.

To resolve the identified challenges, Internetrix’s design team overcame the variations in audience through a combination of rich imagery and playful iconography. The design team were able to resolve the lack of available oyster-based iconography through the collaboration and editing of a fresh set of meaningful icons. The use of new icons allowed Signature Oysters to refine their text copy and deliver a much simpler and informative set of collateral.

Once the project was brought to conclusion, Internetrix had delivered 5 pieces of branded collateral that are now incorporated into each and every Signature Oyster customer delivery.

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