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Who is SCE?

SCE is a privately owned, Australian group of companies that provide and manage the handling and processing of materials. From transport and logistics to materials and recycling, SCE create a custom answer that helps get the most out of processes and materials.

In 2015, SCE required immediate help to restore their website and bring it back online. Internetrix was selected to provide this support, collecting the HTML code and building the website on the SilverStripe framework and Internetrix hosting infrastructure. 2 years later SCE refreshed their branding with a new logo and style guide. This pushed the need to upgrade the website with a new design and feature improvements.

The brief

SCE wanted a new website to reflect that they are experts in providing innovative end to end solutions in Transport & Logistics, Materials & Recycling, Steel Services and Industrial & Mining Services. With new brand positioning and strategic initiatives, the website was to provide the relevant information on what SCE do, who SCE are, and what SCE service.

SCE's primary objective for the new website, was lead generation. In particular, the ability of users to request a quote via the website was crucial. After a recent photoshoot, SCE also wanted to showcase their site and requested the design have the ability to showcase high res images and videos in conjunction with a series of call-to-action tiles. 

The Outcome

Internetrix built the website on an updated SilverStripe version, which was mobile responsive and embraced a strong use of imagery. Multiple Call-To-Action tiles allow SCE to set attractive banners that helps the users navigate around the website. The creative design is fresh and modern which maintains user interest. It uses a bright vibrant orange colour which compliments the new SCE branding.

The features and functionalities of the website included:

  • Mobile First
  • Video Content
  • Banners and Slideshows
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Online Contact Form
  • Case Studies
  • Blogs
  • Online Job Applications
  • Material Calculator page
  • Locations Map

A total of 15 page types were designed and developed to serve these requirements and functionality.

The website has fresh new authored content/information to provide visitors with the particulars they are after. A ‘Quick Quote’ area was added in the header of the website, which appears across every page. This Call-To-Action is also used in banner areas around the site to attract conversions.

Internetrix also deployed Google Analytics (Google Tag Manager) JavaScript code on each page of the website. This is to measure website visitors and plan for future Digital Marketing initiatives.

The Results of Outcome

Since the website Go Live date in December 2017,  SCE have had some fantastic results. SEO has imprived with 71.58% of the website traffic is from Organic Source (search engines such as Google and Bing). This organic traffic spends on an average of 1 min and 47 seconds per session and scrolling approximate 3 pages on the website.

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