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Internetrix completed a digital consulting engagement to identify an upgrade path for the SBS digital analytics implementation. Specific service areas this project included:

Business Objectives Analysis: Knowledge transfer with SBS sponsors expanding on what was discussed at the briefing meeting, briefing by SBS on the various platforms, a complete audit of the existing analytics implementations and how they are being used, determine what actually needs to be tracked "What do you need to track in 2015?" and desktop compilation of the various outcomes from the above components.

Platform needs review - Develop a product matrix: Determine the analytics use cases and requirements for each platform and submit a draft report to SBS.

Business Case Development: Complete a Business Case - leveraging the Business Objectives Analysis and Platform needs review:

• Recommendation of vendor
• Rollout Plan
- Implementation Plan
- Implementation Milestones
• Solution Architecture
- Diagram
- Identification of custom tracking
• Define roles for new resources to employ
• Internetrix support in proposal evaluation
• Submit Draft and Finalise.
• Submit final report and finalise

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