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Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW Government agency whose duty is to deliver safe and efficient journeys throughout NSW, by managing the operations and programs of roads and waterways. As a NSW Government branch, RMS has an obligation to ensure that all services and resources are made accessible and available to all customers via their site. This requires understanding and insight to visitor experience.

Internetrix was engaged for our expertise in Online Performance and Digital Consulting services. Through our 6 pillars of World Class Digital Analytics methodology, Internetrix delivered a Site and Account Audit on the RMS site, then provided a Findings and Recommendations report based off this audit.

Our team of expert Digital Analysts then carried out the customisation of the current RMS Google Analytics account, implementing custom tracking through Google Tag manager and setting up objective specific metrics, goals, reports and dashboards for RMS management to utilise in strategic business and everyday decision-making.

Onsite training sessions were provided to introduce, mentor and up skill the RMS technical team on utilising RMS customised Google Analytics account. RMS is now able to better improve and measure their digital delivery of government services to the public population of NSW.

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