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This was a fun one. The team at Relativity are creative evil-geniuses, creating amazing high-quality video, photography, and rich media content for all kinds of businesses and ventures. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it well (We speak from experience, they produced some fantastic case-study videos for us!).

Relativity deserved a website that spoke to their enormous creativity and their unique qualities, so we worked with them to design a website that really pops off the screen. With cool effects like a video background in the banner, parallax scrolling effects, and clever hover reveals, we created a site that's fun to interact with, just like Relativity are fun to work with. Their work speaks for itself, so we made sure to showcase examples of their past endeavours prominently on the site, so users can easily get a taste for the quality they can expect when they work on a project with Relativity.

Along with website design, Internetrix's team of developers built the site on the Silverstripe CMS, allowing the folks at Relativity to keep their site up to date with their latest offerings.

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