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Internetrix was engaged with the NSW SES to create a business plan that will enable the SES to start delivering against their 2015 Digital Strategy priorities and building a digital platform that can be used by all audiences, on any device during any of their Prevention, Promotion, Response and Recovery stages.

Internetrix provision of services was to assist SES by completing the necessary business and project scope planning. The focus of the engagement was the audience’s devices, hosting and website platform. Specific service areas this project include:

Discovery: We worked with key SES stakeholders to understand their various wish-lists for the new digital platform. We provided advisory support focused on assisting SES with digital platform counsel, planning, documentation and business case development during the project.

Desktop Review: Research and business case development, project management plans and documentation as required.

Advisory and final Report: Internetrix final deliverable was a fully developed business case suitable for submission to NSW Treasury for funding.

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