MMJ Real Estate

A site that was beautifully designed with improved user-experience features transformed the way MMJ does business.
The transformation has made buying, selling and leasing properties through MMJ's website an easy and accessible experience for their customers and employees.


MMJ Real Estate is committed to providing world-class service that delivers the results that you want. As a leading Real Estate Agency, MMJ provides a diverse range of real estate services and are the first Real Estate Agency from the local Illawarra region, to have expanded on a national basis.

The Brief 

When MMJ approached Internetrix, they were looking for a redevelopment of their existing website which was reliant on older technologies. Internetrix was tasked with an entire overhaul of the website. 

MMJ's key considerations when assessing their current platform and defining for this project:

  • User-experience - Their current site wasn't optimised for their user's experience, causing several pain points for potential and existing clients
  • Improve functionality - Their CMS was difficult for MMJ employees to confidently add and update content
  • Adhere to branding guidelines - MMJ had implemented a new brand for their traditional forms of marketing and wanted to transition it to their website

Our Process

Through a collaborative approach by MMJ and several Internetrix departments, the project involved three major phases - each with specific goals and desired outcomes. 

Phase 1 - Design Services

The first phase, design services, involved the completion of the following tasks:

  • The creation of the site's information architecture  
  • Design of the initial creative concepts
  • HTML code conversion

Phase 2 - Deployment Services

The second phase, deployment services, involved the completion of the following tasks:

  • Silverstripe CMS development
  • Utilising React for specific interfaces
  • AgentBox XML feed intergration
  • Advanced property search with listing and or map views 
  • Property shortlisting functionality 
  • PDF generation functionality 
  • MMJ staff profile feature and function
  • Blog implementation
  • Form implementation 

Phase 3 - Go Live 

The last phase, deployment services, involved the completion of the following tasks:

  • Final site polishes
  • SilverStripe CMS training
  • Website launch

The Outcomes

Internetrix was able to deliver a redeveloped website that achieved all of MMJ's key outcomes. The solution delivered:

  • Content optimisation to improve website performance
  • A website that was aligned with newly-created branding guidelines
  • Improvements in MMJs web presence through an improved SEO strategy 
  • Improvements in MMJs web presence through an improved social strategy 
  • A solution that the MMJ staff were confident in manually updating and controlling content

Not only is the website well-designed, in sync with their branding guideline, but also is now intuitive and no longer causing any pain points for new or existing clients on the frontend as well as improved usability features in the backend for MMJ employees. 

Want to see the results? Watch how Internetrix designed and developed the MMJ website to boost SEO rankings, allow for great scalability and flexibility, streamline internal processes and visualise their recently updated brand.

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