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As an accredited IBM Advanced Business Partner, Internetrix take part in the reselling and implementation of IBM digital products to businesses throughout China. Internetrix’s relationship with Lvmama began in 2015 when IBM approached Internetrix to help solve a key analytics problem for one of China’s biggest e-tourism companies. Since 2015, Internetrix has maintained a close client relationship with Lvmama. For years we have been working collaboratively to solve analytics problems and produce the best digital data outcomes for the company. 

The Brief

Internetrix were first engaged by Lvmama to help solve a complex digital analytics problem that involved the tracking of data across their mobile app platforms. Having already implemented the IBM Digital Analytics, Lvmama were finding that data was not being tracked or stored from their mobile app platforms. Internetrix’s brief was to uncover the root cause of the issue and to present a proposed solution that would allow for data tracking across all of Lvmama’s mobile apps.


Challenges We Overcame

The initial challenges presented to Internetrix was that we had no previous interactions with Lvmama and their apps, meaning our team’s research and troubleshooting efforts would have to start from the ground up. Due to the number and variation of Lvmama’s apps, Internetrix’s team were required to cross-analyse all of the mobile platforms to identify the problem and present a viable solution for all of the apps. 

Our Solution

Internetrix first tackled the problem presented by investigating the configuration and specifications of each of Lvmama’s mobile applications and how each of these were integrated with the IBM Digital Analytics platform. Internetrix uncovered that the issue was centred around the specific Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that IBM Digital Analytics utilises for the tracking of mobile app data. This specific SDK was creating a conflict with Lvmama’s specific app type (Hyper Apps), as each app had inbuilt html pages which were not being tracked by IBM’s platform. Internetrix’s analytics team found that the primary problem was that the IBM Digital Analytics SDK could not track the protocol used by Hyper Apps and any tracking solution would have to target this issue.

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