League & Legends

League & Legends are a premier sports clothing distributor that focuses on selling rugby league apparel online to fans all around Australia.
After receiving a brand new responsive website from Internetrix in 2015, League & Legends wanted to start driving as much traffic to their site as possible with the goal of increasing their online conversion rates and returning a positive marketing ROI.

Digital Strategy and Execution

The project efforts began by auditing the current AdWords campaigns to identify how these could be optimised. Internetrix's major finding was that paid traffic was coming primarily from mobile users. This presented an opportunity for League & Legends: by strategically focusing on an omni-channel digital marketing approach that specifically targeted mobile users, League & Legends could capitalise on this by delivering digital marketing efforts tailored to these user types.

Google Shopping Ads Example

To achieve this, Internetrix planned and implemented Facebook Advertising campaigns, using specific targeting methods for each specific team's apparel - such as demographics, geographics, and interests. For example, campaigns were established for West Tigers apparel, targeting males aged 18-45 around the Western Sydney area with interests in rugby league, other sports, and events. Google Shopping Ad campaigns were also created, allowing League & Legends to list their products with images and more information than the standard Google Ads being used previously. For all campaigns, Internetrix also implement A/B Testing to identify which ad groups were most effective for individual segments and to optimise and focus on these ads accordingly.

What were the outcomes?

  • In the first year of League & Legends new digital marketing strategy, the company benefited from a 42.5% increase in conversion rate through paid traffic..
  • The addition of mobile-optimised Facebook Advertising campaigns into League & Legends digital marketing strategy led to a 21% increase in tablet and mobile transactions.
  • League & Legends have had continued success over the last 3 years of their digital marketing efforts and still utilise Internetrix as a service provider to deliver effective multi-channel Digital Marketing strategies to target their audience and generate more website traffic and online sales.

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