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Internetrix gave The Greenslip King a responsive upgrade, so now customers can get easy online Greenslips on their mobile too.

Operating since 1991, the Greenslip King is a Wollongong based company offering efficient, affordable, Greenslip solutions. Customers have the option to purchase their greenslips either online or offline for convenient and efficient service. Greenslips can be issued on a State-wide basis. At every point of the customer journey, a real person from the GSK team is working to provide top quality customer service - not a machine.

GSK are a valued and longstanding client of Internetrix. In 2016, they met with us again to transform their existing website: a sturdy, but non-responsive website designed at a time when desktop computers were a designer's only concern. The Greenslip King wanted their website to work seamlessly across all devices so that payments and inquiries could be made anywhere, anytime at their customers' convenience.

GSK mobile pic

Internetrix were also asked to enhance the existing look of the website so that it was vibrant in colour, but not visually overwhelming, simple and clean in layout, but without the compromise of clear communication.

Not least, the design brief called for design that encouraged Greenslip King customers to make contact. Internetrix took the existing GSK site structure and implemented a responsive framework so that it was able to display and function beautifully on any screen size. We then dissected and rethought each individual page type together with the global elements of the site. We contrasted brand colours with one another to highlight important calls to action, contact information, and other elements that encouraged the customer to take action. We also implemented big and bold headings to draw the users' attention to important information. At the same time, we overlaid sleek photographic banners with a bold, olive gradient introduced to add vibrancy to the pages.

gsk imac

Want to see the final results for yourself? Take a look here.

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