Implementation of a new e-commerce cart for their Skydive platform which was closely followed by a custom dashboarding project. Experience Co. is an ASX-listed tourism group, delivering thousands of thrilling experiences around Australia and New Zealand every year.

Internetrix were initially engaged by Experience Co. to design and develop their sub-brand website for Skydive the Beach Wollongong and have since been working on multiple projects with their broader team for over 15 years.


Most recently, Internetrix developed a new e-commerce cart for their Skydive platform which was closely followed by a custom dashboarding project, as the Experience Co. marketing team wanted to understand the following:

  • how was the new cart performing across key internal performance metrics?
  • what is the abandonment rate?
  • how effective were the marketing efforts in driving cart conversions?


Experience Co. were looking for a simple way to visualise and understand key cart performance data. Our team kicked-off the project with a Discovery session to identify clearly what these key metrics were and to dig into previous customer experience data to further adapt and customise the definitions of these key metrics. Once the desired metrics were truly defined, the custom dashboarding design began to come to life.

Once the design was nailed, the platform was built on open-source technology to allow the Experience Co. team easy and free maintenance of the system. Our team additionally integrated an outlier detection algorithm from Satellite, one of Internetrix's product projects, to provide alerting whenever unexpected conversion fluctuations occurred. We also implemented a key filter to provide more visualisation over different segments and their time-to-abandonment. Users can now filter out "quick to abandon" segments that account for a high proportion of abandonment rates and tend to highly skew data. Once the integrations and build were complete, Internetrix worked collaboratively with the Experience Co. development team to deploy perfectly into production.


Development of a completely custom dashboarding platform allowed Experience Co. enhanced visibility over their online ecommerce performance and customer behaviour. By taking into account previous customer experience information into the planning and build, Experience Co. were given greater finesses over what they could track and visualise. Experience Co. now have the ability to couple key ecommerce data with marketing activity data to identify the effectiveness of funnel fill, cart completion, and overall ecommerce marketing performance.

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