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Ecotech, a Melbourne based and family owned company have a passion for environmental monitoring solutions. Their globally recognised solutions provide accurate and timely information on environmental impacts, resulting in better informed decisions and a better place to live; now and for future generations.

Internetrix were engaged by Ecotech after a referral from an existing client, for a three month SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign. Early in the project Internetrix identified a series of issues relating to the performance and structure of the Ecotech website.

In addition to testing the patience levels of visitors, the issues identified negatively impacted on the ability for Internetrix to deliver an effective SEM campaign.

After presenting the initial findings to Ecotech, Internetrix were asked to complete a full audit of Ecotech’s website and underlying technical infrastructure, to implement best practice to increase the performance and maximise the potential of the Ecotech website.

The work performed by the Internetrix Online Performance team included migration of the site to Internetrix’s hosting platform, software updates, minifying CSS and Javascript files, advanced caching and image optimisation.

And the result from the implementation of Internetrix’s advice, the speed score has increased a whopping 480%, from the original speed score of 15/100 to an impressive speed score of 87/100.

Ecotech continue to be a valued client of Internetrix, for more information on the services Ecotech provide visit

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Load times are a crucial factor to measure the performance of a website. Google now use page loading time to influence ranking and research indicates that the patience levels of visitors are continuing to decrease.

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