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Internetrix has been a long term supplier to the Department of Communications through various multi year whole of department and whole of government panel contracts. The Department completed a major website upgrade project which involved a new creative design, a new Content Management System and web property consolidation such that separate websites were rolled into the main domain as subsites rather than stand alone entities. Internetrix was engaged to ensure that the Department's Google Analytics implementation was audited against Internetrix 6 Pillars of World Class Digital Analytics methodology and to assist in ensuring that as the major migration project was delivered that the Department had a trusted source of website performance data in their Google Analytics views.

Internetrix and the Department of Communications project team worked closely together to ensure Internetrix could audit the Department's existing Google Analytics account. Internetrix then provided a findings and recommendations report to the Department which outlined the various product and implementation improvements that were required to deliver on each branch's strategic objectives. The Department reviewed our report, decided on the recommendations for implementation and then allowed Internetrix to deliver the technical and product improvements while embedding on site in Canberra with the Departments project team.

The outcome from the project was so successful that Internetrix was engaged to leverage our 6 Pillars of World Class Digital Analytics methodology on the Department's intranet. The website and intranet project was completed with 2 days of tailored internal Google Analytics training for relevant Department stakeholders which was provided to ensure that website and intranet administrators as well as marketing and communications staff now have a Google Analytics implementation that provides accurate and trusted data on the Department's website and intranet performance.

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