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Dawson Lawyers is a dynamic, full-service law firm with extensive experience in providing legal services to the people and businesses of the Illawarra, South Coast and beyond. As a reputable law firm, it was only necessary that Dawson Lawyers website reflected this through a modern, clean cut and responsive design.

As one of the Illawarra's most reputable Digital Agencies,  for delivering brand reflective and customer focused websites, Internetrix was engaged to redesign and redevelop the Dawson Lawyers website.

Built on SilverStripe 3.1, the new mobile friendly site included up-to-date digital features such as Google Maps and Social Integration, customised User Forms, eNews Subscription, Dynamic Slideshows and Banners. The site upgrade provided a visual refreshment that complimented and revived the Dawson lawyer brand and digital presence.

The results of this website project were outstanding and resulted in a sustainable increase in conversion rates and a significant drop in bounce rates from their website. Dawson and Lawyers were who impressed with these results and initiated a second project with the Internetrix team; Wollongong Conveyancing.

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