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The Centre for TPM (CTPM) has been a customer of Internetix for over 10 years. CTPM serves customers across the Asia Pacific and offers manufacturing companies Continuous Improvement specialists who assist and coach organisations to get the most from their people, equipment and processes. CTPM engaged Internetrix to upgrade their website and content management system to ensure that their website accurately reflected the 2015 CTPM products and service offerings available to their new and existing customers.

The project brief was to upgrade the creative design aesthetic for big screens, desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Also included in the requirements was a complex integration with the CTPM Customer Relationship Management platform and cloud based email dispatch marketing tools they use. It was important for CTPM that at the end of the project customers could login to the CTPM website members area, seamlessly complete e-commerce transactions and for staff to be able to have one customer record to maintain for website access and email dispatch list management. Additionally Internetrix upgraded CTPM's Google Analytics account to ensure that the data and insight available to the CTPM marketing team is using the latest and greatest metrics and reports that Google Analytics offers.

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