Consortio are a Sydney-based contingent workforce management group that provides guidance and best-practice options to organisations with a large amount of contract workers in their workforce. As a leading employer services group, Consortio offer a range of services from payroll financing to engagement and professional insurances.

The brief.

Consortio frequently utilises dashboards to collaborate and deliver data to their clients in an informative and attractive way. Consortio focuses on the use of dashboards to deliver easy-to-understand insights to their clients regarding payroll spend data. 

Consortio approached Internetrix when they identified a need for a new dashboarding platform that would give them improved simplicity and flexibility over their dashboarding process. Consortio handles large data sets that take a long time to import and process due to the data volume levels and format type. The processing of large data sets takes time and can’t be run on the fly, meaning that Consortio was could not upload and work on data sets concurrently. Consortio also found that the level of complex calculations that could be performed on data was limited in Data Studio.

Our process. 

Based on the brief received from Consortio and a thorough analysis of their business requirements, Internetrix saw 2 possible options. Firstly, Internetrix could create an in-between data processing platform that Consortio could use to manage any data sets that had been successfully imported and were ready for dashboarding. This would mean Consortio would no longer have to wait for data sets to upload before working on others. 

Secondly, Internetrix proposed the development of a customised dashboarding platform that would allow concurrent data uploads and dashboarding to give Consortio the extra flexibility and control desired over how their data was analysed and presented.


Internetrix designed a fresh data processing background platform, giving Consortio the desired flexibility and control over their data sets and dashboards. The new platform project also included the introduction of a cloud-based hosting infrastructure to allow even more storage, control and security.

The primary outcomes successfully delivered by Internetrix in this project were:

  • Improved speed and efficiency of data imports
  • Implementation of improved data controls to allow for more complex calculations on data sets
  • Greater scalability for the addition of new customers
  • Greater flexibility for the control and presentation of different requirements for each customer