What distinguishes Internetrix from other digital agencies is our rigorous and highly effective methodology which has won many awards. Below we outline our typical process which can vary on a case by case basis tailored to your needs.

Internetrix typically deploys three implementation phases (Discovery, Design and Deployment) and two post-implementation phases (Adoption and Support).

(1) Discovery Phase -The Discovery stage defines and agrees on a project scope that covers:

  • the provided requirements to implement
  • any custom  integration requirements, clarifying which websites and pages will be migrated
  • confirmation of delivery milestones to meet the delivery deadline.

Google Analytics Analysis. An important step is to analyse your data which is sourced from a Google Analytics account, then filtered to provide statistics on all data collected for this account.

Ecosystem Sitemap Architecture. This step discovers Website structure and functionality  so that they align with client strategy and initiatives. Internetrix also audits the existing structure, then collaborates with client to arrive at a proposed ecosystem sitemap for the redevelopment.

Information Architecture. Also known as IA, this step delivers low fidelity Information Architecture (also called Wireframes) for the required Content Management System (CMS) templates. We also typically provide for up to two (2) rounds of revision on the Information Architecture if permitted within scope.

Development Specification. It is important to have an understanding of the development specification which we document to cover the SilverStripe CMS business logic that will be added and how all the new modules will be configured.

(2) Design Phase - The objective of the Design Phase is to complete creative concepts for review and signoff by the client. Internetrix provides two different creative concepts (options A & B) of the Homepage and Basic Text Page layouts in both desktop and mobile formats.

Within this phase, Internetrix performs design revision of the initial concepts based on the feedback received from the client. Internetrix then rolls out the preferred creative concept into the remaining page types as identified in the approved Information Architecture from the planning phase. We also typically provide for up to two (2) rounds of revision if permitted within scope.

(3) Deployment Phase -The objective of the Deployment Phase is to deploy the SilverStripe CMS and associated migration requirements. As part of this phase we include Page Setup and Content Publishing where we take the approved copy for each page and publish on the Staging server for final approval. Once deployment and acceptance testing activity is completed, the website can be launched.

(4) Adoption Phase - The objective of the Adoption Phase is to ensure the identified client project team have the opportunity to adopt the new CMS platform through the necessary training prior to and after go live.

(5) Support - Once the new website is live, Internetrix can support and maintain the CMS deployment and client website over the life of the contract with close collaboration with the client project team for the initial years and have an anticipation that we will extend a contract for additional years.

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