Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

 Great news: Your website project is off to a flying start. Keep that great feeling and reinforce it with thought for the future.

What about bug fixes, technical support, software upgrades, and those necessary updates to your technology?

Remember you will need ongoing maintenance. Who do you call for ongoing support once your website project is up and running?

You have a responsive website, what you need now is responsive support.

The Internetrix website team provides a cast-iron service level agreement for instant access to our expert staff when you need ongoing support or advice.

Internetrix support services offer value for money return on investment with a variety of Ongoing Support and Maintenance Options to suit your budget goals and business processes.

We offer different sized ongoing support options to fit all types of website project.

Choose from the following:

Option 1 – Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support Pack

Option 2 – Service Level Agreement (SLA ) Retainer

Option 3 – Ad Hoc Support

Our typical recommendation is to invest in the first two options to take advantage of the benefits outlined in the table below. 

  • Upgrade management
  • Plugin and security upgrades
  • Discounted rates for services
  • Fortnightly conference reporting via virtual meeting room
  • Quarterly strategy planning session
  • Ongoing online performance
  • Transparent account management
  • Expert advice
  • Higher resource availability
  • Service charter guarantee
  • No upgrade management
  • Reactive web maintenance / bug fixes
  • Full rates apply
  • Resource availability not guaranteed
  • Not aligned with business strategy
  • More time spent on project briefings than if aligned with strategy
  • No service charter

Option 1 – Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support Pack: SLA support packs are a pre-paid allocation of budget. They also include a Service Charter and a dedicated account manager. Hours/budget is typically over six or twelve month term. The budget can be used across all of Internetrix service areas. The SLA support pack bills tasks based on our rate card we provide with quotations.

Option 2 – Service Level Agreement (SLA ) Retainer: SLA Retainers are a 12 month contract and are designed for regular maintenance and set work package allowances. The allocated effort per month is negotiated based on requirements needed over the 12 month contract. Retainers are billed quarterly and the same rates as the SLA support pack apply. 

Option 3 – Ad Hoc Support: Internetrix understands that some clients prefer to remain on an Ad Hoc service arrangement rather than enter a Service Level Agreement (SLA) due to the size of each work request and budget restrictions.  Accordingly, we quote from our rate card for Ad Hoc support:

All Ad Hoc work requests must be submitted to Internetrix support. On receipt of a request, Internetrix will provide a quote and estimate the time for delivery. The client will be required to approve before the work is scheduled.

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