User Experience Design

User Experience Design

What is User Experience Design?

A simple explanation of User Experience Design is designing and building websites with the customer in mind. The goal of UX design is to achieve complete user satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. For businesses, good user experience design practices need to be used in website, software and app design to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Good user experience design exists when we find the right balance in a product that fulfills the wants and needs of a user and of the business.

How can User Experience Design benefit you?

UX plays a large role in both user acquisition and retention. If you build something that’s easy to use, more people will want to use it - and they will keep using it. Businesses make better design decisions when they fully understand their customers (users).

When designing a digital interface, understanding the customer is central to the success of the design. We take insights from our research phase, develop prototypes and test concepts with customers. Through great UX design we can create positive customer experiences, simply from the user's interaction with your website.

Brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and AirBnb contribute their success to investing and understanding their customer which leads to quality UX design. The ease of use of their products and the emotional connection customers found using these products helped make them a success.

Internetrix User Experience Design (UX Design) Process


Every User Experience project is different, however they each start by setting objectives and goals. User centered design, the process in which we design a website's user interface, from the perspective of how it will be understood and used by a user, starts by understanding the needs of the user, which is why we need to research. At the research stage, we help understand if your assumptions about your users match with their real expectations. Depending on the project, Internetrix do this through looking at analytics data, competitor analysis, interviews, empathy mapping and creating user personas and customer journey mapping.

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Sitemap and Information Architecture (wireframes and prototyping)

The sitemap is an important step in our process as it helps to organise the content and it's where we start to understand the key areas of the website that might require more thought and development. We start by identifying our top level pages and then any sub pages. From there we work out the steps required in any more intense process, such as the checkout in an eCommerce website. The website's sitemap is the foundation of a solid user experience as it directly impacts the Information Architecture and content strategy.

Information Architecture (IA) is about organising the content and flow of a website based on research and planning. The end goal of information architecture is to come up with a structure and design that balances the user's’ desires with the business’s needs. Information Architecture is a simplified version of the proposed layout of the website and is crucial for visualising how the user will engage with the website.

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User Testing

User testing is extremely valuable in complex web projects. User testing can happen at different stages of a project and can test large or small sections of the project. Internetrix believe in user testing at a prototype phase and during the completed design phase. There are many ways to run user testing, this could involve one on one interviews, setting real life users a set of goals to see how they achieve the tasks or A B testing and looking and analysing data and testing in house. Testing may continue on revisions or until the best solution for the customer and business is found.

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