Seven Step Digital Consulting Methodology

The Internetrix Digital Consulting methodology is comprised of seven distinct and different steps.

Business Objectives Analysis, Google Analytics Report Creation, Audience Identification and Usability, Conversion Evaluation, Sitemap Creation and Clickpath Analysis, Industry Trends Review, Wireframe Development. Following the seven steps, we then implement recommendations.

The following pyramid is an example of recommendations made from a seven step eStrategy consulting project. We use the pyramid to show priorities over a 1, 3 or 5 year horizon. This allows management the ability to decide on resource allocation and implementation priorities.

Piranha Recommendations

The following table of costs is an indication of how our six step methodology can total $10,800 + GST. The Industry Trends Review step included in the methodology diagram above is not included in the table of costs below. This is indicative of how each project is individually tailored.

Project Component

Business Objectives Analysis


Google Analytics Report Interpretation


Audience Identification & Usability


Conversion Evaluation


Sitemap & Click Pathing


Wireframe Development


Consulting Subtotal