SSL For Online Payments

Stay safe with Internetrix. Protect your customers with SSL / HTTPS world class security

Many websites require the capability for online payments, which allows transactions to be automatically made and processed. Offering a payment gateway with SSL certification and SSL encryption on your website can deliver an enhanced level of service to your customers and open up another cash flow channel, providing you with the following benefits:

  • Allow for online purchases and payments to be made.
  • Provide professionalism in the purchasing process, ensuring that all transactions can be made seamlessly and electronically.
  • Enable your address to your payment gateway on all invoices, encouraging clients to pay online.
  • Include details on your overdue statements explain that credit card payment facilities are available on your website.
  • Increase awareness of other sections of your website.

The development of an SSL online payments facility is a process containing multiple phases, highlighted in the following:


Internetrix will provide guidance throughout all stages of the process, liaising with your project team to ensure your online payments gateway is correctly deployed and functioning. A great example can be found at:

Please note that the following conditions apply:

  • eWay and your bank will have some charges depending on your current bank account status.
  • The security certificate lasts for twenty four months at which time a SSL renewal fee is payable.
  • There are variable setup and fixed ongoing fees according to the payment gateway configuration.

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