Custom Web Application Development

Have you been looking for a website solution and found that nothing meets your requirements?

Or possibly you're lost navigating the ocean of options available?

Our team of experts at Internetrix have been producing professional website applications for 20 years.

Your idea, our innovation.

 We help you to determine the best solution for your business and then get you up and running smoothly with confidence.

Design thinking methodology is at the heart of our process.

Our user experience designers will design to your business requirements with the end user, your customer, in full focus.

How it works:

  1. Discovery
    Discovery is a fundamental step towards building a website application that meets the needs of the target user’s and delivers a return on investment to the business. Discovery will define the problems that need to be solved and capture potential solutions to these problems.
    The most common tasks performed in discovery include Business Objective Analysis, User Research, Technical Audit, Data Flow Modelling, Analytics Audit, SEO Audit, User Personas and Requirements Lists. A project will include only the most relevant tasks based on your individual briefing.
  2. Design Planning
    Where creativity happens among the team! Our expert designers, software developers, project managers, business analysts and your team will collaborate on the web application design. We adopt design thinking methodology to meet the user's needs and the business needs plus any technical, budget or timeframe requirements.
    The most common tasks performed in Design Planning are Initial Workflow Design, Detailed Feature Requirements, Information Architecture (Sitemap), Information Architecture (Wireframe), User Story Mapping and Screenflow Design.
  3. Implementation
    Internetrix has a fully stacked technology agnostic development team that completes web application projects from Australia. We are specialists in WordPress, SilverStripe, Magento, Shopify and Squarespace frameworks. More on our technology partnerships.
  4. Testing & Launch
    Each project will include testing of the features developed including coded Unit Testing and manual User Acceptance Testing to ensure the developed features are robust. Testing is performed by a dedicated Quality expert against the Business Objectives and Detailed Feature Requirements that were set in the Discovery and Planning phases.
    Launch of your new web application will be managed by the projects dedicated Project Manager and is designed to ensure SEO and the customer experience transitions smoothly.
  5. Continual Ongoing Improvement
    Internetrix has a variety of flexible support options to maintain the quality and integrity of your new web application. With a support agreement, our development team will maintain the technology stack through the delivery of security maintenance patching, bug investigation, quarterly software updates, integration management and rectification via extended application warranty. Support agreements can also be set up to include feature iterations and enhancements. Further details of Internetrix Ongoing Support Options.

Need hosting with that?

If you’re looking for the best infrastructure to host your new web application we can help you decide where and what is required.

We can also offer you a managed hosting solution. See our page on Hosting for more details.

Why Internetrix?

It is our mission to integrate digital technology into the world and fundamentally improve how people do business.

Our wider experience as digital analysts and data experts gives your application a data driven boost.

Our UX design team are qualified Accessibility experts and these principles follow through into all our projects.

By partnering with us, you get the satisfaction of knowing your new web application is robust and successful.

Meet the team

Law Compliance

Law Compliance is a boutique law firm in Melbourne which provides regulatory compliance services to health, community service, aged care, government and education, airline and resources clients.

Together we delivered a modern and intuitive online application that boosted user experience and created internal process efficiency.

See success story

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