Recommendations Report

SEO recommendations Wollongong

The recommendations report will combine the outcomes of the keyword identificationsituation analysis and competitor analysis stages, providing recommendations that demonstrate how the search engine rankings of your targeted keywords can be increased. Such recommendations can then be used by your personnel and managerial staff to guide and inform implementation decisions. Throughout this process, Internetrix will make use of a comprehensive suite of tools, such as Google Webmaster Tools (see below), Market Samurai and Google Analytics for guidance in SEO-related implementation decisions.

Google Webmaster Tools will be utlised throughout this process in order to perform certain functions, such as submitting your sitemap to the Google search engine via Webmaster Tools, as shown below.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can also be used to define page priorities, access information relating to your website links, obtain relevant statistics, view crawl and content errors, and also modify preferences such as geographical target, as on the following interface.

Google Webmaster Tools

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