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In a fast moving world where digital is king, Digital Marketing rides at the front with a range of tools to understand behaviour and intent of your customers.


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Internetrix Digital Marketing uses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google AdWords and our Google Analytics Partnership. Our Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides social media marketing decisions and lifts your page rank results.

Audit & Find

Dig deep into your digital marketing and website performance through a current situation audit and findings. Understand what is contributing to your current online success and digital marketing strategy.

Analyse & Report

Explore the different levels of online success each digital marketing factor brings to your website. What and where are by best ROI's? Which are key to my digital marketing strategy? Report on the analysis.

Recommend & Optimise

Drive your digital marketing in the direction of online success through recommendations from the experts. Work with us to determine the key steps in your digital marketing strategy to optimising your online performance.

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