Tagging & Implementation

The power of analytics comes from accurate, efficient data collection.

No tagging solution is perfect out-of-the-box, so we work closely with your team to ensure the data and insights being collected allow your business to grow.

The power is in your hands to tag and track anything.
Our customised tagging solutions help you collect the data that is most important, and then analyse it in a way that is easy to understand and use.

With the right setup and configuration, you'll have customised insights filtering straight into your analytics reports in no time.

We speak your developers language, no matter what the platform is.

We listen carefully to what business needs to know and create detailed and efficient Development Specifications translating business requirements into the code.

If your developers are under the pump and do not have time for analytics - Internetrix developers can join your team and provide professional advice onsite or perform the analytics implementation.

The most important thing is that you have confidence in your data.

If your analytics implementation is performed incorrectly from the beginning, there is a risk of making business decisions based on inaccurate data.

Our implementation approach.

  1. Discovery
    Together we'll workshop to understand your business requirements and determine the important data points for collection
  2. Measurement Plan
    This plan explains exactly what data is to be collected and how it will provide insights for your Marketing and Business Intelligence teams.
  3. Development Specification
    This is a secondary Measurement Plan, but in your developer's language. This is a straightforward implementation document which can be handed over as-is to your development team for a quick, step-by-step implementation.
  4. Implementation
    It's time for the tagging to begin. If your development team can't support implementation, ours can! Our team use the most flexible and efficient tagging tool on the market - Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  5. Data Validation and Quality Assurance
    Testing new implementations is important for ensuring the data being collected is accurate and clean. Our team creating staging environments and user scenarios to check for inconsistencies in data collection in line with the approved measurement plan.
  6. Reporting and Visualisation
    Now that you're collecting accurate, insightful data, we help turn this into easy-to-digest reports. Empower all of your teams to be data-driven with custom-built dashboards representing important metrics in real-time. Our Data Science team can help you go above and beyond standard analysis with statistical models and machine learning.

How do we do it?

The most flexible and efficient tagging tool on the market is Google Tag Manager (GTM). First, a data layer is defined that accounts for data transfers from your website to your Google Tag Manager account.

Next, a Measurement Plan will be create to make sure you important metrics and user actions are accounted for in the GTM configuration.

Following this plan, the tagging will begin! Your GTM account will be configured and your tags implemented. Testing will take place following a set of sample user stories to ensure your important interactions are being tracked accurately. You can never have too much quality assurance!

Roads and Maritime Services NSW

Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW Government agency whose duty is to deliver safe and efficient journeys throughout NSW, by managing the operations and programs of roads and waterways.

Internetrix was engaged for our expertise in digital analytics and data science consulting services.

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