Mobile App Analytics

It's common knowledge that the world has turned mobile.

Users want optimised mobile app experiences and businesses need to adapt.

Mobile App Analytics provides the insights your technical and marketing teams need to create meaningful app experiences.

Retention, conversion, retention.

As an app provider, you can't improve what you can't measure.

Mobile app analytics can help you deliver an app experience that is fast, fluent, personal, and consistent. 

If you can track and deliver these experiences, you will be able to achieve the 3 golden outcomes of mobile apps:   

  1. Retention
  2. Conversion
  3. Retention

It's one thing for users to download and try your app, but to retain these users in a world of infinite apps - that's a whole other ball game.

Mobile app analytics for marketers.


Understand how your users are utilising your app and it's features.

By optimising your user interactions and the funnel, your users will want to stay and use your app on a regular basis.

With over 6 million apps across app stores, acquisition and retention of users is crucial.

Mobile App Analytics can also provide deep insights into mobile app advertising performance and can help you shape your ad placement strategy and spend marketing dollars better.

With mobile app analytics, your users can help you understand what features are popular with users which can guide future app development and feature additions.

Mobile app analytics for technical teams.

Developers benefit from information regarding the app's technical performance.

Metrics like 'crash frequency' help technical teams ensure the app works effectively in all situations.

Nobody can stand an app that continually crashes!

Data on how often a specific feature is being used helps prioritise what comes next in the development roadmap.

Information about adoption and uninstalls connected with contextual data help you understand the real impact of an app to guide app growth.

How we help.

  • Mobile App Tagging
  • Account configuration for data collection
  • Analysis and reporting
  • In-app experience analysis
  • App performance audits
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Content optimisation and A/B Testing

Internetrix works closely with the following analytics tools, yet we pride ourselves on being technology agnostic. This means that we always apply the best tools and approach that match your specific requirements.


With a high portion of data being lost due to incorrect app tagging, Lvmama needed support to cross-analyse each app's technical configuration to identify the issue.

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