Data Strategy

With so much data, it's important to approach your analytics with purpose.

Measure the metrics most important to you.

By cutting through the fat, you can focus on what really matters to you - relevant insights, data-driven decision making, and increasing ROI.

By clearly mapping the objectives, practices and implementation approach for your analytics, finding and using data insights will be easier and more effective for your team.

Questions an Internetrix Data Strategy can solve:

  • What tagging solution will be utilised?
  • What custom metrics and audiences need to be measured and how?
  • How can data quality be ensured long-term?
  • How will my data be securely managed?
  • How will collected data be reported?
  • How will our new analytics tools work with our current tech stack?
  • What key people are needed throughout this approach?
  • What personal data may be collected for better personalisation?

How Internetrix Data Strategy Framework can help you:

  • Quicker implementation
  • Faster actionable insights
  • Improve confidence in data
  • Secure your data storage

No matter where you sit in the digital analytics lifecycle, we can help you take an effective, strategic approach to your analytics ecosystem.

Data Migration Strategy

A data migration strategy supports your transition from one analytics infrastructure to another. Whether you're upgrading your analytics platform or merging multiple stacks, a data migration strategy will help keep your data clean and costs down.

Data Management Strategy

Your insights are flowing and fuelling business decisions. A data management strategy helps ensure your ongoing tagging, collection and analysis methods are clean and effective.


With a multitude of digital platforms and clear data goals, SBS needed a clear analytics implementation approach.

Their new strategy outlined the technical approach, roadmap, architecture, key person roles, and clear use case definition.

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