Analytics Training

Getting your team up to speed is crucial to getting the most out of your analytics.

Our training courses are uniquely delivered to be fun, engaging and interactive.

Empower your team.

Once the course is over, your team will feel empowered to utilise your tools, manage your analytics ecosystem, conduct complex analysis and draw more ROI from your analytics investment.

Whether your team needs comprehensive training or a skills refresh, Internetrix can help team members of all skill levels to widen and improve their knowledge of the how, what and why of analytics.

Google analytics made easy.

As a Google Marketing Platform certified partner, we have developed a full Google Analytics training curriculum over the past 13 years of using and implementing the tool.

Our courses take into accounts different user types (Marketers, Developers, Analysts, Executives) and experience levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

Every course promotes a better understanding and knowledge of your business data and performance.

We also provides ad-hoc training on product, analysis and reporting topics so let us know if there's something specific you're after.

Our trainers use analytics everyday and have conducted training courses at scale for leading enterprises and various Australian Federal and NSW State Government departments.

We've trained teams from, Domino's Pizza, Webjet, Telstra, and the entire Australia-wide digital team of the ABC.

Yep, we've done it all!

We refuse to let analytics get boring.

By combining interviews, workshops, seminars and on screen training, our training programs stay engaging and fun!

Our training sessions are flexible but generally follow the below formats;

  • Onsite - 1 or 2 day blocks consisting of presentation sessions followed by assisted workshops, all attendees are expected to have access to terminals with internet access for the training so our facilitators are able to provide hands on support with the number of facilitators based on the number of attendees.
  • Remote - 1 to 2-hour sessions, these sessions are interactive and again expect users to be able to login and use your tools while training is underway. The facilitator and attendees engage in content delivery and Q&A on that content.

ABC engaged Internetrix for a comprehensive series of ongoing analytics projects.
As part of an organisation-wide transition to Google Analytics 360, Internetrix training personnel conducted professional on-site training courses for all relevant stakeholders (200+ employees).

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