ContentSquare: Digital Experience Platform

ContentSquare: Digital Experience Platform

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ContentSquare is the leader in Digital Experience Analytics. ContentSquare helps organisations to understand how and why users are interacting with a specific website, app or mobile platform. 

ContentSquare tells the story of what your digital customers see and do, so you can optimise their digital experiences and help them to achieve their goals.

ContentSquare delivers unique data visualisations that are simple to understand and action from for non-technical team members. Whether you're an Data Analyst, UX Designer, or Marketing Director - you'll be empowered to activate ContentSquare's insights.

With ContentSquare's simple single-tag implementation and tonnes of direct platform integrations - ContentSquare is an easy choice for Digital Experience Analytics. 

Key Features:

Zone-Based Heatmaps

Benchmark & Reporting

Customer Journey Analytics

Retroactive Segmentation

Automated Alerts & Insights



Why ContentSquare?

ContentSquare Zoned-Based Heatmaps Australia

Zone-Based Heatmaps

ContentSquare's heatmaps go beyond traditional heatmap visualisations we're all used to seeing. ContentSquare's technology automatically identifies every single in-page element in your 

website without the need for custom tagging.

With live auto-zoning, you get access to clear, actionable business metrics for each and every
dynamic element of your site so you can clearly see which elements are driving the most ROI revenue and engagement. 


ContentSquare Australia Benchmarking - How do you compare?Benchmark and Reporting

With ContentSquare's Benchmark Reporting you can directly see how your website is performing against industry averages. You can compare across a number of experience metrics including engagement,  conversion and revenue.

Once you've benchmarked, you can start to use these insights to assess which elements can be optimised to drive up your competitive advantage. 


Customer Journey AnalyticsContentSquare Australia Customer Journey Analytics

ContentSquare allows you to capture, quantify and visualise all your customer journeys in one place with Customer Journey Analytics. This powerful visualisation allows you to identify the most important or frequent journeys, and drill-down to uncover the pain points or positive experiences driving these engagements. 


ContentSquare Australia Retroactive Segmentation

Retroactive Segmentation

ContentSquare allows you to compare different segments based off their behaviours, in-page interactions or journey types without the tedious pre-planning for tags.

ContentSquare also allows you to import segments from Google or Adobe and assess these user groups directly at an experience level.  



Automated Alerts and InsightsContentSquare Australia Automated Insights & Alerts

With ContentSquare's automated AI alerts and insights, you'll never miss an important customer interaction. You can now receive completely automated insights on the KPI's and content areas that matter most to you. This means better productivity and reactivity to identified opportunities. 




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