Clicktale: Mouse tracking

Clicktale: Mouse tracking

To fully explore and understand what drives the attention of visitors, we need to take into account their focus of attention and eye movements. Eye tracking uses cameras to track where the eyes of internet users land on a webpage. Because of the costs of eye movement tracking, mouse tracking analysis is used to simulate eye movement on a webpage. A study from Microsoft shows that a user’s area of interest and their mouse cursor behaviour are strongly correlated with each other. A study from Carnegie Mellon University showed that the correlation between mouse movement and eye movement is 88%. The following image illustrates research done by Google in 2008 which shows how mouse follows eyes.

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Clicktale revolutionised the field of Customer Experience Analytics by introducing a novel mouse move heatmap which creates a comprehensive visual presentation of what visitors focus on within the page by aggregating the mouse movements of hundreds visitors on a site.

A mouse move heatmap is valuable for optimisation of customer experience through insights, such as:

  • Which page areas or elements engage users the most?
  • Which elements in the website affect users’ behaviour and shape their journey?
  • How your most successful users interact with the page as compared to those who do not convert?
  • Do your visitors pay attention to your content?
  • Which behaviours lead to successful conversions?
  • Which web page elements hurt the conversion process?

Why is mouse tracking good to use?

A more general view of mouse tracking advantages includes:

  1. The user experience is natural and more accurate because it takes place in a user’s natural environment, be it home or office, and using a broad variety of browsers / operating systems / screen sizes.
  2. The user is not under observation, so users are journeying through your website in a relaxed, natural manner, not under pressure during a test.
  3. Your results are global, taken from visitors from all parts of the world; and data is continuous, keeping pace with the traffic coming to your website.
  4. Massive differences exist in the costs of mouse tracking heatmaps and the hugely more expensive eye tracking technology. Also, you don’t need highly specialised equipment or dedicated eye tracking technology experts to get top quality results.

Mouse tracking is a rich tool for several reasons. It can be used for funnel analysis, improving conversion and classifying users based on their mouse movement. In addition, it is a great method for predicting the future to anticipate the next move of your users.

A really special feature of Clicktale is the provision of a side by side heatmap. For example, you can compare side-by-side the interaction of customers who converted versus those who didn’t convert to know what kept them from converting. Also, you can compare different customer segmentations and provide customised services based on the customers’ preferences or create targeted pages per group.

Another advantage to using Clicktale mouse move heatmaps is that the software displays the ‘heat’ for the exact parts of the page the mouse hovered over or moved across - regardless of the way the page displayed, for example with an open pop-up window or an extended drop-down menu.


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