Clicktale Australia

Clicktale Australia

What is Clicktale?

What if you could visualise your website as seen and experienced by your customers? What if you had the ability to analyse how they interact with your website and roll these insights into a series of heatmaps, reports, and individual session replays?

The answer is Clicktale. 

Clicktale, the leader in Experience Analytics, tells the story of what your digital customers see and do, so you can help them achieve their goals. The enterprise-class platform and customer experience experts transform millisecond-level behaviors and gestures into meaningful insights. Clicktale processes large, unpredictable workloads, maintain stringent security and performance requirements, and integrates with over 50 complementary products, extending the value of your ecosystem. With a powerful combination of rich behavioral data and intuitive visualisations – enriched by layers of human intelligence – the world’s most prominent brands rely on Clicktale to drive superior experiences worth millions of dollars. 

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Why Clicktale?

Core Benefits

Assess the importance of key points and pathways on your visitors’ journeys as they navigate through the pages of your website. Rate the pathways and let Clicktale prompt you to coax customers back to the desired point of travel. 

Path Identification

Use this function to identify your customers’ journeys and pinpoint where the journey goes in a different direction to the path you want your customers to take to conversion. Aside from the pathways you planned for, there are likely to be others that could come to light with analysis and prove lucrative.  

Path Quantification Clicktale presents perfectly observed and recorded interactions as they happen on your webpages.

Event-Triggered Recorder

If you have priority areas of your website you want to monitor, this recorder triggers recording of specific users, heatmaps, form analytics, and more.

Session Replays

These replays let you watch your customers as they progress on their journey through your website. This can form the basis for assessing your user experience and making modifications to lead to optimised conversion funnels.

Impact analysis

Impact analysis allows you to see which behaviours are crucial to your business and then lets you track them in recordings.

Radically improve your understanding by letting Clicktale present new angles and novel approaches to remedying what is hindering visitors to your website from completing conversions.

Discover which elements encourage positive behaviours.

Clicktale lets you discover what is driving the intent of your visitor, whether they are just looking around, searching for a specific piece of information, losing their way, or wanting to go straight to purchase on the website. Knowing this, it is possible to influence your customers’ mindset from negative to positive, so that they move in the direction you desire.


Essential features

Superbly detailed heatmaps take an overall view of visitor sessions and light up insights into where your audience is abandoning, clicking, and scrolling.

 Mouse Click / Tap Heatmap

Do you sometimes tap or click on a webpage thinking it is a link or performs an action, only to find nothing happens? Using Clicktale you can understand the intent of your customers and adapt design and structure of your website accordingly to make their digital journey smoother and more satisfying.

Mouse Move Heatmap

This function shows you the areas and the elements on your web pages where your customers have hovered their mouse or moved it. The resultant heatmap shows where your webpages are engaging and shows the points where conversions are happening or conversely dropping off.


Attention Heatmap

Gaining the attention of your audience is key to getting them thinking in the right direction. This heatmap shows what your visitors are skipping and where they are focusing their attention.

Scroll Reach / Exposure

Want to know how far your visitors stay with the topic? This exposure function helps pinpoint how far users scroll down, and where they lose interest. Use your findings to position your Call to Action right where it works best.

Visitors` Journey Analysis

Clicktale brings you session replays of your visitors’ actual journey, click by click, for you to download and replay.

Session Replays

This function gives you a front row seat to replay the sessions of multiple visitors or individual session of a single visitor. Filtering allows you to select specific criteria, such as traffic sources or demographics,  so you can choose the exact session replay you want to analyse.

Segmentation Analysis

Clicktale also shines at segmentation analysis. Classify your visitors by criteria, such as inability to complete their quest, frustration with process steps, and navigation roadblocks.

Drill-Down View

Perhaps you’d like to segment your visitors, then deep dive into the parameters of that segment? Using drill-down view, you can choose heatmaps, path analytics, session replays, and more, to make comparisons and measure the impact of audience behaviour on your business metrics.

Experience Center

Are you keen to assess customer experience and historical changes to conversion metrics? Using Experience Center, you can tailor profiles and desired metrics for individual ClickTale users, such as Sales Managers, CEOs, digital analysts, and product managers. The data is conveniently presented for each profile so that each part of your business has the right figures to make well-informed decisions. 

Form Analysis

Form analysis lets you know where your audience is struggling, pausing, skipping or abandoning. This is key to understanding what to fix and where to make changes, so that conversions flow again and revenue returns.


Drop Report

Use this report to see where your users are giving up, dropping off and losing you business. Use your findings to consider redesigning or replacing forms so that they have the streamlined logic to guide to conversion.

Time Report

Users spend only seconds to make up their mind to plough on or just abandon difficult pages. Make your pages inviting by studying Time reports which show timing for completion of forms and individual sections. The quicker a form is filled in, the faster conversion occurs, and the more likely the customer is to be impressed with your website.

Blank Field Report

Find out why your visitors are leaving fields blank. Learn from this report how to repurpose and redesign so that visitors can see clear, logical, comprehensible, and pertinent fields worth completing.

Refill Report

After spending time filling in and submitting a form, users absolutely hate to get thrown back to do it all again and resubmit. Use the Refill Report to track down rogue sessions and nail the causes before your audience loses patience and quits.  

Join a growing pack of global leaders at the forefront of behavioural analytics, such as Adobe, Avis, Walmart, Microsoft, MetLife, and The Royal Bank of Scotland, and supercharge your conversion rates, banish abandoned cart rates, and power a surge in revenue.


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