Build innovative platforms that are seamless and secure.

We work closely to understand your requirements and only recommend platforms that are robust and deliver on expectations.

There are many Content Management Systems on the market and we use our expertise to help you choose a system that has the right features for your digital needs.

If your requirements are fitting, we choose Silverstripe for it's flexibility, security, and seamless content management experience.

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Trusted Silverstripe partners.

Internetrix have been working with the Silverstripe CMS platform for over 10 years. We are accredited Silverstripe Partners and won the Silverstripe Australia Partner Award in 2014.

Internetrix leverages Silverstripe's framework to create stunning web applications for our clients that are flexible, scalable, innovative and beautiful to edit and use.

We are passionate about developing high quality Silverstripe projects, partnering an intelligent content management system with high level design and code. This makes creating even the most complex digital projects a possibility.

After your new platform is completed we'll also give you training and support so your team is empowered to add, edit or delete any piece of content moving forward.

Intuitively built for site administrators, Silverstripe CMS makes everyday content edits simple and straight forward. It is a super lightweight and flexible CMS ideal for a wide range of online solutions such as websites, intranets, and sophisticated web applications all combined with stunning interactive design, social and transactional features for your customers.

Why choose Silverstripe?

The choice of Content Management System (CMS) is critical for you to ensure a logical, easy-to-use, flexible, on budget approach to creating and maintaining content.

  • Zero Licensing Fees. Silverstripe Content Management System is distributed under the Berkeley Software Distribution license. Therefore Silverstripe has no licensing fees whatsoever. This applies regardless of how many subsites, pages, users, intranets, extranets or websites your deployment requires.
  • Popular. We recommend to deploy the open-source Silverstripe CMS framework to satisfy your technology and functionality requirements. It is highly popular, across retail, commerce and government, hence it has a wide base of skilled experts to call upon. There are tonnes of global Silverstripe meetups, events and professional networks built around the Silverstripe platform.
  • Close at hand. Importantly, Silverstripe is both a company and a content management system. We like that they are headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand which offers the benefit of same-day responses when we need it. Closer to home we collaborate, work with and get support from their office in Melbourne, too.
  • Enterprise Scaling. Silverstripe is more than just a CMS, it is a web application framework which makes it flexible and modular. Businesses can build any online solution they need and continue to add things on later with little hassle or code conflicts. In addition, Silverstripe offers all the advantages of an enterprise system which is one that grows with the organisation, scaling to fit your needs.
  • Superior security. Silverstripe also has superior security because it takes a proactive approach to keep websites and applications one step ahead of malicious attacks. Access to system components is separated and enforced to ensure high security and auditability. As our customer you can focus on growing business while Silverstripe takes care of protection.
  • Easy and logical. The administration interface of Silverstripe is clean and logical making it easy to use for content editors of any level to manage every feature on the site. If an author can edit content through a Word document they will have no trouble learning how to publish pages in Silverstripe.
  • Perfect for Subsites. Silverstripe has a Subsites module which is perfect for business because it is tailor made for working with subsites and delivers multiple benefits. Rather than having multiple sites with multiple passwords which make an administrator’s life difficult, Subsites module provides:
  • Open source. The benefit of Silverstripe being an open source product is that vendor lock in is avoided. However, we typically see our open source competitor frameworks (Joomla, Drupal and WordPress) and their partner companies offering assurance only with a switch from the open source license to proprietary and thereby introducing a vendor-lock. Internetrix and Silverstripe propose no such restrictions.
  • Robust, rapid deployment. Internetrix has a mature website enterprise implementation methodology which provides our clients with rapid deployment through the use of best practices in website project delivery. At the heart of our methodology are industry focused solutions reflecting our collective expertise in working with hundreds of clients, blended with our long standing heritage of supplying to clients in all stages of growth

Why pick Internetrix?

Internetrix are one of Silverstripe's most experienced partners in Australia with over 100 Silverstripe projects under our belt.

With over 10+ years experience, we know the platform inside out and get the most out of Silverstripe for your next web project.

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