Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager 360 is the enterprise-level of the Google Tag Manager core product which offers more flexibility and scalable features.

Lucky for Google Analytics 360 clients, Google Tag Manager 360 is included with all GA360 licenses.

The power of Google Tag Manager 360.

Tag Manager 360 provides a greater solution for managing all your tracking and tags. Google Tag Manager 360 will give you:

  • Enterprise support and Service Level Agreements.
  • Advanced approval workflows that can be integrated with your current business workflow.
  • Version control for GTM containers.
  • Collaborative tagging containers through GTM 360 Workspaces (you can create unlimited workspaces in GTM 360!)
  • Zones, which allow large-scale deployment of multiple containers with current workflows
  • Easier deployment and integration with new mobile SDK’s

Getting started with GTM360.

Google Tag Manager 360 is only available through a certified reseller and partner of Google.

In 2007, Internetrix became the second Google Certified Partner in Australia, meaning we have over a decade of experience in driving value to our customers through Google's enterprise products.

Internetrix does not only resell the Google enterprise products, we also offer support and training for configuration, tagging, analysis and reporting using the Google Marketing Platform.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits or to schedule a product demo for Google Tag Manager or the other Google Marketing Platform products get in touch today!

Why pick Internetrix?

Internetrix are a Certified Google Marketing Platform partner, specialising in Google Analytics 360. Since partnering in 2007, we have been trusted by Google to resell and service Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360 and Data Studio.

Selecting an expert Google reseller gives you access to world-class support, training and product expertise so that you can get the most out of your investment.

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