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App+Web properties are graduating from beta and are being renamed Google Analytics 4 (GA4). To find out more, head over to our blog post introducing GA4

Google Analytics App + Web 360 is the new enterprise addition to the Google Marketing Platform and offers a different approach to analytics than your typical Google Analytics.

Google App + Web 360 allows you to combine data from multiple data sources in one location, including your websites and mobile apps.

Unifying these properties allows for more consolidated reporting and robust analysis across your platforms and devices.

Similar to Google Analytics, App + Web also offers a free version that anyone can use. We have provided a nice introduction to Google App + Web here.  


The benefits of Google Analytics App + Web 360.

  • Unified Reporting - See reporting for your web and mobile data sources in one place.
  • Simple Implementation - No change in code implementation or configuration compared to Google Analytics.
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis - More options for custom analysis including cohort analysis and user lifetime analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Use Automated Insights and Instant Answer features, similar to Google Analytics 360
  • Enterprise Limits - Higher limits for data collection, reporting, retention, and data exports than App + Web free version

For a more detailed introduction to Google's App + Web, head over to our blog.


App + Web 360 vs. Free.

The following table summarises how the data limits differ between the Google App + Web free and 360 versions.
Feature App + Web Free Version App + Web 360
Event Parameters

25 per event

50 text parameters per property

50 numeric parameters per property

100 per event

125 text parameters per property

125 numeric parameters per property

User properties
25 registered per property 100 registered per property
Conversions 30 50
Audiences 100 400

200 created per user per property

500 shared per property

200 created per user per property

1000 shared per property

Analysis sampling limits 10M events per query 1B events per query
Data retention Up to 14 months Up to 50 months
BigQuery Export Available Available

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