Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here and is the key to unlocking operational-changing insights for your business.

GA4 introduces a whole suite of changes to the platform that will positively impact how your business will be able to collect and interact with your data!

The Power of GA4

As the free, default property that Google is now offering through Analytics, GA4 really packs a punch and provides so much more than the previous Universal property.

GA4 allows you to:

  • Create data streams for both your websites and app
  • Accurately collect data without having to code or enable third party cookies via the Events tab
  • Gain better insights across the user's journey across multiple devices thanks to upgrades in machine learning
  • Have access to an advanced Analysis hub for custom reporting, a feature that was previously only available to Google Analytics 360 users

Getting started with GA4

Google Analytics 4 is now the free, default property that will be created when you go to create a new Google Analytics property! Meaning you'll have access to all of these new features from the very beginning.

In 2007, Internetrix became the second Google Certified Partner in Australia, meaning we have over 11 years of experience in driving value to our customers through Google's enterprise products.

Internetrix does not only resell the Google enterprise products, we also offer support for account configuration, tagging, training, analysis and reporting for the Google Analytics platforms.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits or to schedule a product demo for Google Analytics 4 or the other Google Marketing Platform products get in touch with us today.

GA4 Resources

  • Introducing GA4

    Introducing GA4

    App+Web properties have graduated from beta and have been renamed Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Google's goal is to create a unified offering for user-centric analytics across App+Web for all clients.

    Blog Post
  • GA4 Property Setup Guide

    GA4 Property Setup Guide

    With GA4, a user can create properties to track data for websites, applications or both! With this feature, comes some exciting changes to account setup and structure.

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  • What Sets GA4 Properties Apart?

    What Sets GA4 Properties Apart?

    GA4 moves away from the previous ‘Universal Analytic properties’ and moves towards, what is simply known as, ‘Google Analytics 4 properties’.

    GA4 properties see improvements, as compared to UA properties, to three key areas in measurement, reporting and automation.

    Blog Post

Why pick Internetrix?

Internetrix are a Certified Google Marketing Platform partner, specialising in Google Analytics 360. Since partnering in 2007, we have been trusted by Google to resell and service Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360 and Data Studio.

Selecting an expert Google reseller gives you access to world-class support, training and product expertise so that you can get the most out of your investment.

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