Contentsquare: Zone-Based Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a great optimisation tool that helps us to determine what your visitors’ next moves are and how we can best engage them.

By analysing heatmaps, we can reveal potential website optimisations that will improve the seamlessness of your user experiences.

Contentsquare's heatmaps go beyond traditional heatmap visualisations we're all used to seeing. ContentSquare's technology automatically identifies every single in-page element in your website without the need for custom tagging, making the implementation process super easy.

With live auto-zoning heatmaps, you get access to clear, actionable business insights for each and every important in-page element. The heatmaps show you exactly what elements are driving the most ROI revenue and engagement.

With Contentsquare's zone-based heatmaps, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why is there a drop in my conversions?
  • Which areas of the page are most engaging? For which visitors?
  • How far down are my visitors scrolling on this page?
  • What variations in my dynamic content are working?
  • What buttons are most effective in driving conversions?
  • Why are users from New Zealand behaving differently to users from Australia?
  • Are sections of the megamenus working?
  • Why has this page increased in impressions?
  • Why is there a high drop-off in my funnel?

Why choose Internetrix?

As your Contentsquare Service Partner, Internetrix will remove any doubt around digital experience. We give your team a boost by making sure you are getting the most out of Contentsquare’s awesome features.

We love building better experiences with brands through data and would love to show you what Contentsquare can do. If you’d like to see Contentsquare in action - get in touch for a free demo.

Did you know: Internetrix was the first Contentsquare Service Partner (previously Clicktale) in Australia servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.