Contentsquare: Customer Journey Analytics

Contentsquare allows you to capture, quantify and visualise all your customer journeys in one place with Customer Journey Analytics.

This powerful visualisation allows you to identify the most important or frequent journeys, and drill-down to uncover the pain points or positive experiences driving these engagements.

Similar to your traditional analytics platforms, you'll be able to clearly map what drive users to your site, where they are landing on your website, and their movements until exit.

What your traditional analytics platforms won't let you do, is break down individual journeys to analyse the engagement, conversion and revenue easy journey drives.

The Customer Journey Analytics visualisation is a beautiful representation that allows you to capture, visualise and quantify all your website and mobile users journeys.

The power of Contentsquare's Customer Journey Analytics:

  • Gain behavioural insight into different audiences journeys to see what works and what doesn't for different user groups
  • Improve reactivity to campaign launches or website changes. Visualise the influence in Customer Journey Analytics.
  • Optimise the ideal conversion pathway and make the checkout experience as seamless as possible

Why choose Internetrix?

As your Contentsquare Service Partner, Internetrix will remove any doubt around digital experience. We give your team a boost by making sure you are getting the most out of Contentsquare’s awesome features.

We love building better experiences with brands through data and would love to show you what Contentsquare can do. If you’d like to see Contentsquare in action - get in touch for a free demo.

Did you know: Internetrix was the first Contentsquare Service Partner (previously Clicktale) in Australia servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.