Contentsquare: Automated Insights

Contentsquare Automated Insights ensure you never miss an important customer interaction.

The Automated Insights feature provides you with intelligent, timely advice on the KPI's and content areas that matter most to you.

With Automated Insights, you can setup alerts so that you can get answers instantly and your teams never miss a beat.

The power of Contentsquare's Automated Insights:

  • Reduction of analysis effort for key content areas and KPIs
  • Increase responsiveness and reactivity to changes in user experiences
  • Improve productivity of UX teams

Why choose Internetrix?

As your Contentsquare Service Partner, Internetrix will remove any doubt around digital experience.

We give your team a boost by making sure you are getting the most out of Contentsquare’s awesome features. We love building better experiences with brands through data and would love to show you what Contentsquare can do. If you’d like to see Contentsquare in action - get in touch for a free demo.

Did you know: Internetrix was the first Contentsquare Service Partner (previously Clicktale) in Australia servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.