World's Greatest Shave

Posted 13 years ago by Internetrix

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One ladies effort to raise $1000 for Leukaemia and risk her hair at the same time.

Late last year Internetrix was pleased to support David Issa in his successful Ride Forrest Ride campaign to raise $20 000 for MS Australia as part of the annual Sydney to Wollongong bike ride. We're pleased to announce that another crazy or maybe courageous campaign is underway. This time it's Dael Page from Rankins Funerals and she is risking a shaved head in support of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Each year 9,000 people are diagnosed with a Leukaemia related disease, which equals about 25 diagnosis a day. These diseases often develop with little warning, requiring immediate and intensive treatment. Patients with acute leukaemia typically begin treatment within 24 hours of diagnosis. On average, treatment lasts for eight months but can last for years (treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia will be at least two years). In her role at Rankins Funerals, Dael knows first hand the worst kind of result these diseases can have on those affected.

This month Dael has signed up for the world's greatest shave campaign hoping to raise $1,000 dollars by the 16th March 2007. Dael has said that she will colour her hair purple if notable to reach the target. If the $1,000 is raised Dael has committed to shave her golden locks off as part for the world's greatest shave campaign.

Dael has always had an interest in supporting the foundation, but in 2006 she wasn't ready to part with her hair so she sponsored someone who was. In the last 12 months the issue was driven a little closer to home and she realised that her discomfort or embarrassment or purple or even a shaved head would be a small price compared to what these people have to suffer through everyday.

"At first I was scared about losing my hair but as soon as I got my first donation I was excited and felt so good about what I am doing." Dael said.

All money that is raised during the campaign goes towards helping the families that are affected by these illnesses, helping them with transport to the hospital, overnight accommodation as well as tailored counselling and support programs for all those involved.

This year has come around quickly and she still isn't quite ready but she has found the courage to support something she believes in and help raise awareness for others.

Visit Dael's Shave Page and make a donation right here.

For more information on this great cause visit the Worlds Greatest Shave website.